Advertisement Writing

In writing copy for advertisements, focus on four things:

Attention- Catch the attention of the audience quickly.

Interest- Keep the attention of the audience.

Desire- Make the audience want to purchase the product.

Action- Tell the audience how they can obtain the product.

It is also important to have attention-grabbing visuals. Two-thirds of viewers see visuals first in an ad. Body copy must be written tightly, highlight benefits, be conversational, be fun to read, and include a call to action.

Ads also may include a headline, logos, slogans and tagline, and mandatories.

I chose a Google ad to analyze for this post.


There is very little copy- only a Google search bar in the bottom left-hand corner with “Find more easily” typed in it. This ad is attention-grabbing to me because of the image. It is a normal, sunny, very minimalist room with normal furnishings. The only thing that looks at all out of place is an oversized set of keys poorly hidden behind a couch pillow. Because the image is confusing at first, my eye searches for an explanation- and I receive one, in the form of the search bar at the bottom. So the first two goals are accomplished: the ad caught my attention and kept my interest.

The ad also compares using the Google search engine to searching for your keys: using Google makes it as easy to find information as it would be to find your keys if they were huge and oversized. As a result, I definitely have the desire to use Google. This particular ad does not need a call to action, because everyone knows how to get Google and how to use Google. It is basically just a brand reminder.

This Google ad is interesting, slightly humorous, clear and neat. It definitely achieves its purpose with me.


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