Feature Story Writing

Feature story writing is one of the most fun writing styles, in my opinion. I love starting out with a snappy, attention-grabbing lead that hooks my readers and makes them want to keep reading. It is one of my personal strengths, and something that comes easily to me. I also enjoy writing the softer news, human interest stories, which are the basis of most feature stories.

I chose to review the Oklahoman article “Lift up your home for fall” in the Oct. 8 edition of the newspaper.

The headline is interesting and practical, and the subheadline gives more information about the article in an attention-grabbing way. The whole first paragraph is very relatable and makes me think of chilly fall days and the upcoming holiday season. There are plenty of punctuating adjectives throughout the article, which add just the right amount of interest to the story. It is modern and updated, mentioning Pinterest as a way to find design ideas for your home. The article also features two different sources, with quotes about two different subjects (mentioned in the subheadline): vintage and fung shui.

This article was informative and fun to read, combining the two angles to form a wonderfully written feature story.


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