Media Kit Writing

A media kit’s purpose is to deliver more information than a news release could supply. They are written specifically for journalists. The format can be physical or electronic, although media kits are more and more often becoming electronic and online. Media kits consist of:

  • Contact info
  • A news release
  • A fact sheet or media advisory
  • A backgrounder or bios
  • Quotes and experts
  • Photos/graphics
  • Photo op advisory
  • Fliers, posters, and/or ads
  • Press clippings
  • Samples
  • Video/B-Roll
  • Twitter feed
  • Facebook content
  • RSS feed

I have chosen the University of Denver’s media kit on the 2012 Presidential Debate to analyze for this post. It is exactly what I would think a media kit would be, but it is not exactly like what we learned in class. It consists of multiple news releases about Denver and the university, facts sheets about the university and the Ritchie Center, photos and logos, and “high-quality, broadcast-ready video footage.” The thing that surprised me the most (that honestly shouldn’t have) was the amount of detail in the press kit. The University of Denver included anything that a journalist or reporter coming to the great state of Colorado might possibly want to know.

  • “A DU Moment in Time,” a worldwide photo project uniting the global University of Denver community on Debate day (news release)
  • Colorado Facts (news release)
  • DU debate experts (news release)
  • Debate Information (news release)
  • Presidential Debate News Release
  • Debate Story Ideas (news release)
  • Denver Facts (news release)
  • Information and Offers from other Denver Organizations
    • 10 Things to Know About the Mile High City
    • Information about Denver from the Convention and Visitors Bureau
    • Downtown Denver Partnership Research- Future Workforce
    • Must See Denver Attractions
    • Special Offer from Denver B-Cycle for Reporters
    • Tokyo-Denver Flight
    • Photos
      • Denver Landmark Photos
      • University of Denver Campus Photos
      • Restaurants near DU
      • Ritchie Center Facts
      • The Story of the Brand (about the brand of DU)
      • DU Campus Map (pdf)
      • University of Denver Facts
      • University of Denver Logos
      • Twitter feed: #debatedenver hashtag on Twitter

Literally everything that the reporter needs to do his or her job or even to have a little fun in a new city is included in the media kit. To actually see a real media kit helps me understand how important and useful it can be to a reporter.


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