Blog Writing

Blog writing is a slightly more casual writing style. Bloggers write informally, informatively and usually with the intent to entertain. The writing should still be mostly grammatically correct, unless the nonstandard grammar is intentional, and should sound educated. The consequence of an unprofessional blog could be a low number of views or readers. I look for a clean design, a flow of organization within the blog, a distinct personality, and a clever title. I am an amateur blog reader, so a catchy, corny title is often what catches my eye. I also won’t bother reading a blog if the author doesn’t convey his/her own unique personality through their writing. It’s so much more interesting when the blogger inserts their sense of humor and wit into their posts.

As a poor college student, I decided to budget the money I made from my summer job. It has to last me all the way through the school year, and that requires some careful spending. Because of this, I enjoy reading little spending/saving tips on blogs that focus on personal finance. Wallet Watcher, a blog where Australian writers give advice for cutting costs in all facets of life, uses wit and interesting commentary to talk about the money issues that plague us all.

The title of the blog is large and simple, catching the viewer’s eye immediately. The clean, organized tabs at the top divide the issues into categories: shopping, saving, budgeting, income, credit cards, property, deals, and entertainment.  The headlines of the individual articles are clear and yet clever, making me want to click on them and read the entire article. They show a list of articles, with just a picture, the headline and the first sentence showing for each one. Each part contributes to the attraction of each article. Within the articles, there are large, bolded subheadings, making it possible to pick and choose which sections to read.

Wallet Watcher is easy-to-read, easy-to-navigate, and, most importantly, makes me want to come back to the site and keep reading. Blog writing is fun and casual, but it still needs to be educated and professional. This site does an excellent job with balancing these aspects. Image


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