Web Writing

When writing for a website, one must consider the audience and format of the page. The audience could potentially be anyone who has access to the Internet, which are millions of people. Age, interests, language, and their level of proficiency at using technology must all be taken into account. If a viewer is elderly, speaks Russian and enjoys vodka and cards, do you want to enable them to access your page, or is your audience narrow enough that you don’t need to? If your audience might include young children, it is wise to think carefully before posting curse words or racy photos. Audience can affect the format of the page in almost every aspect. A web page’s format should be designed specifically for its audience, but here are some basic guidelines:

  • Create a large, dominant headline.
  • Make sure your design enhances the readability of your site.
  • Navigation should be simple for the viewer.
  • The upper left-hand corner of the site should have the most important graphic in it, as it is the most “looked-at” location.
  • Your site should have a clear Homepage.
  • If an animated graphic detracts from the content, don’t use it.
  • Select graphics that enhance user interaction.

Personally, I enjoy this type of writing. I think it gives one a lot of freedom of expression, and yet it also has specific guidelines, which comfort me because I enjoy rules. Also, I love hyperlinks! Since beginning this class, I have had to use hyperlinks in several different aspects, and I think they are incredibly useful and tasteful- when used correctly. 🙂 Another part I appreciate are the options that web writing gives to users. The bite-snack-meal concept (headline, summary of article below headline, headline is a hypertext link to article) is incredibly appealing to me.

BootsnAll, a one-stop indie travel guide website, is an excellent example of a clean, organized, professional website. It is unique, caters to its audience, and also appeals to people not necessarily included in its audience. It is the perfect blend of short blurbs, intriguing graphics, and good navigation. I found this website using stumbleupon. Pretty cool, huh? 🙂

Writing for the web, while it takes practice, is a skill that everyone in this day and age should strive to perfect.


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