Words of Wisdom for Future Bloggers

I must admit, this has definitely been a difficult assignment for me. I am NOT a journal or diary person. I’ve probably started 8 or 9 different journals in my life, and I write in my current one about once every six months…. So a consistently updated blog is hard.


I like looking around and seeing the world through a blogger’s eyes.

I’ll explain:

When I notice a new word, clothing style, shoe style, or action, I eagerly wait to see if it develops into a New Thing. This had been my habit even before this assignment, but since I started blogging, I notice even more. I seek out the New Things of the week and notice potential trends with a much greater frequency than I did before.

My advice to future bloggers is- don’t start a blog unless you KNOW you will update it regularly. Or unless you have been assigned a blogging project. 😉 But seriously, I know I would get annoyed if someone’s blog I read and liked just stopped being updated. And don’t let anything stop you from starting a blog if you think you might have something to say that someone somewhere would be interested in. The world is so diverse, and while some might not be interested in reading about alien life (this guy seriously has a blog about aliens! http://alienlifeblog.blogspot.com/), others will be! So don’t let anything stop you. What you have to say is important and WILL be listened to.

So take a chance! Start a blog. 🙂



(Although I’m pretty sure all my followers were also required to start a blog for MC 2023….) 🙂


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