Lace dresses

I have begun to notice a New Thing: all-lace dresses (see picture below if confused). 

They look great with sassy heels and a leather jacket or flats and wavy, ethereal hair. Whatever the look you’re going for, white lace dresses will be a wardrobe staple in a matter of months. I definitely feel like I’m finally ahead of the curve on this one. 🙂

I first noticed them in AOII chapter one evening. A total of THREE girls had on similar white or cream lace dresses, and they all looked fabulous in them. This got me thinking that it might be an up-and-coming trend. Then I spotted several other girls wearing variations of the dress on campus a few days later, confirming, in my mind, that this was going to be a New Thing.

Why might this trend have surfaced, perhaps? Well, let’s look at lace and the color white.

White is the ultimate symbol of virginity and purity. It calls to mind a maiden whose virtues remain unblemished by the dark smear of sin or an angel of the heavens. Lace is associated with wedding dresses and veils, again a virtuous ceremony.

From these observations, what can we conclude? That college women today are more pure and chaste? HA! Don’t make me laugh. No, I believe women today want to SEEM more pure. They want that ethereal, angelic look without ACTUALLY being 100% pure. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of double entendres.I love this look. I am simply hypothesizing about why the white lace dress has/will become a trend.

Don’t miss out on getting ahead of the fashion curve with this celestial trend!


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