I’m going to start out this post by saying that I do NOT own a pair of Sperry shoes. They’re relatively expensive, and I just don’t like them all that much for my personal style. Maybe someday, but for now I’m sticking with boots for the winter.

Sperrys are normally worn without socks and with every type of pant, from leggings to skinny jeans to bootcut jeans to Nike shorts (and obviously with both pants and shorts for men). I think wearing Sperrys with Nike shorts is the weirdest, but now that that trend is started, everyone does it, and it is normal, warm-weather attire on campus.

The views on Sperrys on a college campus obviously do not vary enormously. The vast majority of men and women, Greek or not, own a pair and wear them frequently. However, some deviants feel very differently about this brand of shoe.

For instance, my boyfriend absolutely DETESTS the way Sperrys look. He thinks they are boat shoes and therefore should only be worn on boats. My personal  hypothesis about why he hates them so much is that his dad wears Sperrys and has been wearing them for years. Ironically, for Christmas he received a grey wool pair of the very shoes he hated from his mom, and he now wears them when he takes me on nice dates. To his credit, though, his hypocrisy is slightly lessened by the fact that they “don’t really look like Sperrys.” I love how he looks in them! They are the perfect “in-between” shoe- not a sneaker and not a dress shoe.

In conclusion, Sperrys look good on both men and women, are very comfy (from what I’ve heard), and also double as boat shoes if you are ever navally inclined.


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