So I have seen this label (Instagram) pop up under almost every photo on Facebook and Twitter lately. This is unsurprising, because as I recently found out when I decided to look into it, Instagram is an app for mobile phones that allows you to edit pictures with filters and post them on a photo-by-photo basis to Twitter, Facebook, or Flickr. So since everyone and their mothers have iPhones, they naturally also would be likely to download a free app that makes pictures look professional. The first Instagram photos I started noticing were posted by Victoria’s Secret’s twitter, which I assume is run by interns. They posted professional-looking photos that gave their followers a look at what was going on backstage at the fashion show. Now pretty much everyone uses it to post their photo updates on Twitter or Facebook, and I’m going to make a small leap here and predict that this is the next “New Thing.”

I got this screen shot from the website. 🙂 It's a FREE app for iPhones, so check it out!


2 thoughts on “Instagram

  1. I love Instagram! I’ve had it for a while now, it’s really handy and makes your photos look really pretty without having to do any work yourself to them. I’ll be using this App forever.

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