Rain Boots

Although they began as a fashion statement, rain boots are now a necessity, at least on the Oklahoma State campus.

When I heard that the campus flooded frequently during downpours, I decided to invest in a pair of waterproof shoes. I didn’t go out and get adorable Burberry or Coach rain boots, because I’m poor, but I did find a fairly cute and inexpensive pair at Target. They’re black and white houndstooth. 🙂 You’ve probably seen them around because like 40 percent of girls who own rain boots have that exact pair. I usually wear my pair of rain boots whenever there’s even the slightest chance of rain, because to be stuck walking across campus in Toms or flats is a miserable prospect.

The last time we had a sudden and inexplicable downpouring of rain here in Stillwater, I was walking as quickly as possible to the bus stop, hidden underneath my umbrella and desperately trying to remain as dry as possible. I looked up briefly to ensure I was still heading toward the bus stop, and I beheld a comical and slightly pitiful sight. A girl was trying to cross the street in the crosswalk/speed bump, which was no longer a crosswalk but a sandbar in the roaring rush of water that was the street. It was at least two inches deep, even on the raised crosswalk. This girl was wearing skinny jeans with a light trench coat over them, carried no umbrella, wore no hat, and had on FLATS. Well, that didn’t stop her from fording the street-river. As I watched in disbelief, she stepped into the current and proceeded to slosh across the crosswalk, soaking at least the last eight inches of her pants. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had lost her shoes… 🙂

This sad story is a prime example of the necessity of rain boots. Kohl’s has some really cute ones on sale right now if you’re in that poor lady’s BOAT. (<Hahaha!)



3 thoughts on “Rain Boots

  1. I don’t know what I would do without rainboots on rainy days. One day last year I didn’t plan ahead for rain at all and had worn flip flops and had to walk from the Seretean Performing Arts center all the way to a house by Valero off of Monroe. Needless to say I ended up walking campus barefoot; I decided that was the last time I would forget to wear rain boots in the rain.

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