When they first popped up on my Facebook news feed, I didn’t even know they had a name. Now I know them for what they truly are.


Memes, memes, memes- OU memes, OSU memes, Star Wars memes, etc. etc. etc. There are so many of the same ones on Facebook every day that I am already annoyed by them and am wishing something else would become The New Thing so I won’t have to see them anymore.

Some are funny, however.

Buuuut some are also only funny the first time.

In conclusion, memes are a new expression of humor that’s getting a little out of hand, but nevertheless should be allowed to continue. Make your own (and make them good!) at


One thought on “Memes

  1. Well said. I enjoy a good meme every once in a while, but my experience has been that there are a few funny ones and a lot of inappropriate, disgusting ones.

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