Drastic hemlines

One thing I have  noticed about fashion this year is the drastic hemlines. Crop tops, short, booty-hugging skirts, long t-shirts, and hippy-esque maxi skirts are all the rage. Everything is either very short or very long, which makes it hard for a girl like me to shop, because I like things like Goldilocks liked things- juuuuuust right.

However, I am all for the crop tops and long t-shirts. I like both those trends, even though they totally emulate ’80s fashion.  Crop tops make a girl feel sexy (if she’s confident about her stomach), and long t-shirts cover any unsightly bulge a girl might want to hide. I love both, and I can’t wait till summer gets here so I can get some more cute crop tops!



2 thoughts on “Drastic hemlines

  1. As someone who had to endure the 80s in real life, I am so puzzled about the resurgence of ’80s “fashion.” Have these fashion designers ever SEEN the horrendous senior pictures taken during the 80s?!

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