Glasses: Nerdy or Chic?

I’m sure you all remember when wearing glasses made you a total nerd.

Middle school.

But here’s the interesting thing: needing/getting glasses in elementary school was SO. COOL. I was just WAITING for my vision to get the tiniest bit blurry so I could rush off to the optometrist and get a super cool pair of glasses. One day in 4th grade, I looked up at the whiteboard where my teacher was writing spelling words, and….


The words were a little blurry! I had to slightly squint my eyes to read them!!

Excitedly, I rushed home to my mom to tell her the good news. By the time summer began, I was sporting a brand new pair of glasses. {Glasses=cool]

The next year, as I and my classmates entered middle school, glasses began to wear a new label: nerdy. {Glasses=not cool} It took me quite a while to figure this out, however, and I didn’t decide to get contacts till the end of my eighth grade year. Thinking I had reached the epitome of “cool,” I entered high school with my new glasses-free look.

Once I reached senior year, some of the more popular girls, such as the pom and cheer squad members, began to come to school in sweats, t-shirts, GLASSES, and with their hair up in messy buns. They looked so chic-ly sloppy that I wanted to emulate their look on occasion, so during my next optometrist appointment I got a pair of square black glasses with a pattern cut out of the sides. {Glasses=cool}

These definitely came in handy when I got to college, as many girls dress carelessly on a day-to-day basis, completing their look with a pair of glasses. {Glasses=cool}

So…. is there a trend?

Cool-not cool-cool-cool. Will it change again once we become adults? Or will it depend on what occupation we choose? Sexy business lady with glasses=chic. Harried mom with bedraggled hair, no makeup and not enough time to put in her contacts=not cool.

Funny how things change. 🙂


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