Knit headband/earwarmer things (…does anyone really know what they’re called?)

On a cold, bitterly wintry day such as this, I feel it’s appropriate to discuss the trend (which was much bigger last year, by the way, since it was so much colder) of earwarmers. Headwraps. Knit headbands? No one know what they’re called, but they’re cute, they’re warm, and you don’t have  to do anything to your hair if you wear them.

Crochet boho headband headwrap earwarmer - Adult size - green

A recent spring-off trend of this is knitting your own earwarmer headbands. It is now socially acceptable to knit again, after half a century or more of stigma (only grandmas knit, etc.). Is this because so many celebrities who are beautiful, rich and talented have openly admitted to knitting? I believe it is. When we see these god-like people taking up mundane, everyday tasks, we unconsciously re-classify those tasks as “trendy.” I’m sure human nature has something to do with it.

Now, sadly, I must go and become one of the many girls who dons a knit headband today, to protect my ears from the cold as well as to flaunt my style. I approve this trend! It’s comfy, cute, and practical. has some really good handmade choices if you haven’t purchased an earwarmer yet. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Knit headband/earwarmer things (…does anyone really know what they’re called?)

  1. Haha, I remember buying one of these last year as a gift for a graduate in December and even the owner of the Wooden Nickel didn’t have a name for them then!

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