The New Thing in websites we use to procrastinate is the giant virtual pinboard, Pinterest. (Which I originally pronounced as  Pee-Interest, not PINterest, by the way. Fun fact about me.) Anyway, PINterest is, like I said, a pinboard where you can get ideas for fashion, decorating, cooking, and much more from pins that other users post. You can also re-pin pins you want on your own pinboard or make new pins from pictures on any website.

I first discovered this website by sitting behind people in class who had laptops. Unfortunately for them (sometimes), I could inadvertently see exactly what they were doing, which a lot of the time was looking at pins on Pinterest. After seeing a number of people on Pinterest for whole class periods at a time, I thought to myself, “Hmm. This must be the cool new site to be on. I should get a Pinterest account!” And I did…. a semester later.

In addition to being a great tool for procrastination, Pinterest is a potential platform for advertising. A company could make a pinboard and create pins for the products it wants to highlight. It is then exposing its products to thousands of people and getting instantaneous feedback. In addition, when a person re-pins one of the pins, they can give real, unbiased oPINions (hahaha! Oh dear, that was a terrible pun….), furthering the advertising potential of this site.

Pinterest is a great way to share your interests with other people and to get inspiration for practically anything. I definitely recommend that everyone have a Pinterest! But, you need an invitation to get one. So if you want a Pinterest, email me at chelsey., and I can invite you. 🙂

My Pinterest pin boards!


2 thoughts on “Pinterest

  1. Pinterest has apparently helped many companies raise their sales because of the pictures! And by the way, you don’t really have to be invited. When you sign up, Pinterest will email you inviting you without a friend having to do it. 🙂 I love my Pinterest..

  2. Pinterest: Making people feel extremely crafty even though all they have done for the last three hours is hit “repin”

    Saw this quote on Pinterest 🙂

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