Are Smart Phones Becoming Smarter Than Humans??

The title was just to get the attention of whoever comprises my scant following of readers. Now, onto the topic of this post: smart phones.

If you don’t have a smart phone these days, you’re classified as a late adopter. Having just recently purchased a smart phone (Samsung Infuse- best phone on the market. Check it out!, I am now on the smart phone train, and it has become more and more obvious to me that practically EVERYONE has a smart phone. I have to admit, they are extremely handy. I (mostly) get emails and Facebook messages as soon as they’re sent to me, and I can reply right from my phone! I can use it to make my shopping list, to check the weather, and to wake me up in the morning, not to mention for the calendar and other organizational tools! Until I got a smart phone, I maintained that I didn’t need one. How foolish I was! My life is now partially contained within this one, sleek, smart mobile device.

Now. Guess what the most POPULAR smart phone on the market is?

The Apple iPhone.


Unsurprisingly, when I see a smart phone, 8 times out of 10 it’s some model of an iPhone. This is apparently still the It Phone- at least for this year. Frankly, it is my opinion that everyone should invest in the Samsung Infuse. The screen colors are brilliant! The design is sleek and slim!  The processing is ultra fast! And the screen is SO MUCH bigger than the iPhone’s! …And we all know size really does matter. 😉


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