Crazy 4 Boots

The popularity of boots has been rising exponentially in the past few years, but this year may be the peak. Fringed boots, moccasin boots, Ugg boots, suede boots, leather boots, high-heeled boots, booties- all are stylish in the extreme. If this winter had been even a little bit colder, the trend would have been even more pervasive. As it is, even with highs of nearly 70 degrees practically every day, our feet still yearn for the comfort of boots.

Particularly popular this year were (are) tall leather riding boots. They go with leggings and jeans and dresses and skirts, giving an ordinary outfit some class and style. I, myself, own a pair, and I had to force myself to take a break from wearing them, for fear people would think I only owned one pair of shoes…. I came to acquire these wonderful boots only through long hours of surfing the Web, looking at boot after boot, rejecting them for one or two flaws, and slowly forming a clearer idea of My Ideal Boot. When I finally found it (madden girl Rickee boot! They’re so cute.), I was absolutely thrilled and immediately sent the link to my mom and my boyfriend, as my mom would be giving them to me for Christmas, and my boyfriend would have to look at the boots each day. My boyfriend said he didn’t like the second outside zipper. My mom responded with measured enthusiasm and pointed out that they. didn’t. have. my. size.


Remember, I found these boots after DAYS and HOURS and MONTHS of searching for My Ideal Boot. And they didn’t have my size…. of course.

In brief conclusion, I found the boots in my size elsewhere and everybody was happy, even my boyfriend. (It turns out the second zipper only adds pizzazz to the already-super-awesome boots.)

If you would like to look at/possibly purchase (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!!) My Ideal Boot, click here:!hovUTf6gf5bZQzqbRUEPhA!/Womens-View-All-Footwear/MADDEN-GIRL-RICKEE-BOOT-1?cs=TA&utm_source=GAN&


[P.S. Also, my goal here is to be neutral/impartial…. but it’s pretty clear what my view is on boots. ( I own 6 pairs.)]


2 thoughts on “Crazy 4 Boots

  1. My takeaway: you have a boyfriend who not only engages in shoe conversations, but offers sincere fashion criticism and insight. He sounds like a keeper. 🙂

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