Leggings As Pants

Ranging from obscene to classy, this trend has swept the nation with alarming speed, indicating…. what, exactly? That our women are becoming less modest? Or simply more disposed to comfort rather than fashion? I believe it’s a bit of both.

The attraction of wearing leggings as pants is quite obvious.

1. Their soft, cottony goodness makes them as comfortable to wear as sweatpants, only sexier.

2. They cling to the form, making even an unsightly set of legs and butt look shapely and alluring.

3. Boys like the idea of a girl without pants on.

For these obvious reasons, the trend gathered momentum. And then… the sorority girls picked it up.

Now as a college student who stands to become a sorority girl quite soon, I have nothing against sororities or fraternities. But they are a major part of finalizing what becomes the next “new thing.” In the case of wearing leggings as pants, one sorority girl must have gotten up one morning and thought, “You know, jeans just don’t sound comfortable enough to me. But I’ve never really felt I can pull off sweatpants the way some girls can…. I know! I’ll just throw on my leggings and a big comfy t-shirt!” And BAM. It was in the sororities. This gave the trend substance, and soon everyone who was anyone was wearing leggings as pants, paired with a shapeless t-shirt (or men’s sweater for winter) on top.

This is now a “thing.”

I, personally, have worn leggings as pants. I admit it. But they’re rather impractical, for me, at least. In the summer, they’re too hot to wear, even if you have a pair of thin ones. You sweat through them, and that’s just uncomfortable and unattractive. In the winter, they’re too thin to wear, and your legs freeze into stiff little icicles. Yet girls CONTINUE TO WEAR THEM. That is how a “thing” functions, by virtue.

I won’t condemn or condone wearing leggings as pants. I don’t have that sort of power. But I will say this: If you look in the mirror and can see your panty line, butt crack, or (god forbid) camel toe, do everyone a favor and WEAR REAL PANTS.


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